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This is the first level of my art work called "Sertraline Dolls".  if you would like to know more about my work than go to avawanbli.com !

Demo Level for the game Sertraline Dolls! This is mainly to be experienced in person but i have provided a playable demo for you to try!


Sertraline Dolls Demo-Mac.app.zip 633 MB
Sertraline Dolls Demo-Windows.zip 633 MB

Install instructions


  1. Unzip all files, keep any folder structures intact, especially on Windows.
  2. Double-click on "Sertraline Dolls Demo.exe" to Play!!
  3. Turn up your sound, and use your mouse / trackpad / gamepad to play

WINDOWS users: If you get a "Windows Smartscreen" pop-up or problem... (1) Click "More Info". (2) Click "Run Anyway" 

MAC OSX users: If you get an "unidentified developer" pop-up or problem... (1) Ctrl+click or right-click on the app and select Open. (2) You'll get a pop-up... then press Open again!

if you have any questions for me! you can email me at avawanbli@gmail.com

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